Why I Chose to Take a Luxury Sedan to the Airport

Trips to the airport should not be a stressful ordeal. I have had the experience of using taxi cabs in the past for a 45 minute trip to the airport. One of my colleagues mentioned to me that he has been utilizing the services of San Francisco Limousine. My initial thought was, “But why would you want to take a limo to the airport”? He explained, to my surprise, that limo companies are one of the best kept secrets in the transportation industry. Many of their businesses come from corporate and airport services. Almost every limo company carries, not only limos, but sedans like Lincoln Town Cars and SUVs. In fact, the majority of their business comes from corporate and airport services.

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My next thought was that it must cost more to hire a limo company for an airport transfer. The fact is, it costs just about the same as a taxi fare. The difference between riding a cab versus a limo hire sedan, well there are many. First, there is a level of class and professionalism that comes with a limo hire car. Second, the vehicles have more comfortable seating and the companies usually provide complimentary bottled water for your refreshment. You also get a professional chauffeur who personally opens your door and assists you with your luggage. Limo companies also have the option of “meet and greet” which is having the chauffeur wait for you inside the airport with a sign upon arrival to airport.

After hearing such good reviews about this I decided to call San Francisco Limousine and booked a pick up from Oakland to SFO international airport. My driver, Dan, arrived 10 minutes early and helped with my luggage. He was very polite and well-mannered. We arrived at the airport with ample time to check in and get through security check point. All-in-all, the experience with this company was great and I tipped the driver at the end. There is certainly a noticeable business etiquette with using a limo company.

These sedans are best to be booked in advance. That is the one disadvantage to using a limo company over a cab. Taxi cabs sit and wait and if you need transportation at the last minute, they may be the best option. If you were to call a limo company, they would have to determine how far the driver is to the airport and how soon he could get there, which could be in 30 minutes.